Hi All

I have a situation like in the image bellow. alt text

I am creating a template using FlexiCapture 11 to create a template for a FCEngine project to be used to recognize hand printed documents. For situations like the ones in the image the engine does not recognize any text. What I am doing wrong. The setup for the field is like in the next image alt text


asked 04 Apr '16, 17:14

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Hi, Octavian! In order we can investigate this situation please provide to the SDK_Support@abbyy.com the following additional information: the document which you would like to process, a template which you use for recognition, the serial number of FCEngine which you use, the build number of FCE and build number of FC which you use. Looking forward to hearing from you!

(07 Apr '16, 16:17) Beliakova Sv... ♦♦


I have sent the information to the support address last week. Do you have any news for me?

Regards, Octavian

(13 Apr '16, 11:27) Octavian

Hi, Thank you for the provided materials! As I understood your serial number belongs to our ABBYY Ukraine office. I have forwarded you letter to EngineSupport@abbyy.ua. They will answer you soon! Thank you for your patience! If you have any additional questions please feel free to ask. Best regards, Svetlana

(13 Apr '16, 14:23) Beliakova Sv... ♦♦

Thanks. Could you please speed up the things. I know that is not very nice from my side to request this. Is very important that we have to understand how can we configure the template for best recognizing performance

Thanks, Octavian

(13 Apr '16, 14:28) Octavian

Sorry for the inconvience. They will answer you soon!

(13 Apr '16, 14:35) Beliakova Sv... ♦♦
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