using FRE11 with Visual Studio 2013 on a Windows 7 (64-Bit) computer

I tried to do step 1 of Creating an Application with a Graphical User Interface but when I add a Text Editor to the form, I get an error:

Cannot load DLL [ABBYY folder]\Bin\Image.Services.Core.dll. Unkown error. Error code: 0x0

*Note: There is no such file in the Bin-folder but in the Bin64-folder. (copying this file to the folder did not work)
The Image, Document and Zoom Viewer do not produce this message.
However, the Text Editor is added anyway and I can run the program. If I delete the text editor (or change something in the Designer part of the form file) I get the following error:

Internal program error: D:\Build11.1.14.SDK\0\FineObjects\Inc\Errors.h, 140.

Afterwards the form is "rebuild" and I get the first error message again.
I tried the workaround for Visual Studio 2010 in Using Visual Components in Different Versions of Visual Studio but the problem still exists.
Any idea what the cause might be?

asked 08 Apr '16, 17:41

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Please try to install both versions of ABBYY FineReader Engine 11: x86 and x64 versions. By default, x86 version is not installed on the 64-bit machines.

Otherwise, could you please provide the following information to your region Technical Support team (

  1. The serial number of your FREngine package.
  2. The build number of your FREngine distribution. To determine the build number please see the Readme.htm file.
  3. The FREngine log, which can be obtained by calling the Engine.StartLogging() method in your application right after the Engine object was created.
  4. A detailed step-by-step description of how you performed the installation of FREngine.
  5. A code snippet where the FREngine methods are called.

Thank you in advance!


answered 11 Apr '16, 13:07

Oksana%20Serdyuk's gravatar image

Oksana Serdyuk ♦♦

Installing the x86 version (which was not installed) fixed the problem...
Thank you!

(11 Apr '16, 13:22) Florian
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