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After a crash disk, I'm trying to edit a document definition from Flexicapture 10 one another computer, but when I click on the [Edit...] button I'm having an error message with "La définition de document de document est déjà modifiée par Guillaume" <=> "The document definition is already modified by Guillaume"

I'm assuming there is a lock file somewhere... I found a "ProjectIsOpen" file, renamed it, but it doesn't seem to be the right one.

How can I unlock the edition of my document definition ?

asked 01 Jun '16, 16:05

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Guillaume B


Please check whether there are unpublished changes for this document definition.

You can check it as follows: if there are unpublished changes, in the document definitions list there will be a name of an editor on the right of the document definition name. In this case please click "discard changes", it will return this document definition to the previous state: alt text

In case this recommendation doesn't help, please send your questions to ABBYY Technical Support. They will be happy to provide detailed instructions. You can find Technical Support Contacts here.


answered 03 Jun '16, 13:18

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Anna Falevskaya ♦♦

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