I am trying to convert a simple Invoice to text using processImage. I receive mixed order of words. I tried setting the correctOrientation flag to false, but it didn't help. Are there any other flag to use? Does anyone can help?

asked 31 Dec '12, 21:52

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Answering questions like that is not really possible without more details. I would recommend to share image file first

(03 Jan '13, 00:36) Andrey Isaev ♦♦

i have the same problem. it used to work, but now my codes returns weird charcters and random order too of some. PLEASE i need a fix. thanks. :) The weird characters I get the most are:  . It's usable, as you can kinda decipher it's result, but i want this fixed. thanks

(10 Jan '13, 08:17) dumbproducts

It works great, it just doesn't appear to be as accurate as before. though still definitely usable. maybe just my imagination.

(11 Jan '13, 00:14) dumbproducts

it actually isn't a big problem. rarely happens. it's the same as it was before. maybe it was a problem in my code i don't know. anyhow it's fine now, for the most part.

(11 Jan '13, 06:52) dumbproducts

Dear dumbproducts, could you please share your image to let us reproduce the issue?

(17 Jan '13, 02:20) Anastasia Ga... ♦♦

Dear Keren,

Thank you for the image provided. The order of words was defined incorrectly because of the complex structure of the document (different font sizes, the large distance between the words, non-standard dimensions). In this case we recommend to export the text and its coordinates to the XML file, and then sort it in the necessary order manually.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.


answered 17 Jan '13, 02:04

Anastasia%20Galimova's gravatar image

Anastasia Ga... ♦♦

For some cases the text order can be defined better, if the image is scanned with the recommended resolution: 300 dpi for font sizes of 10 points or larger and 400-600 dpi for font sizes of 9 points or smaller.


answered 17 Jan '13, 02:11

Anastasia%20Galimova's gravatar image

Anastasia Ga... ♦♦

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