I have installed ABBYY flexi capture SDK on my local machine, I created java application in NetBeans 8.02 and added Hello.java sample code provided by ABBYY,and also added com.abbyy.FCEngine.jar in project. While running this Hello class I am getting Unspecified Error. How can I resolve this Error?

asked 27 Oct '16, 08:27

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The “Unspecified error” may occur if you try to use FCEngine as a 64bit library, but you compile your application with 32bit JDK, or in reverse when you've installed FCEngine as a 32bit library, but you compile the application with 64bit JDK. Could you please check this assumption?

If the issue is still actual, kindly send to SDK_Support@abbyy.com the following information:

1) The serial number of your FCEngine package.

2) The AInfo report from your machine. To create this report please do the following:

  • Run the application and reproduce the error;
  • Go to the FCEngine installation folder, \Bin\Support;
  • Run the AInfo.exe and wait until the utility gathers all the necessary information.

3) The step-by-step instruction with the screenshots what you are doing.


answered 27 Oct '16, 13:34

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Oksana Serdyuk ♦♦

Is there any license issue, because when I was installing SDK at that time it asked for license activation and It was not activated.

(27 Oct '16, 14:09) Shilpa

If you activated the license during the first installation, you should not re-activate the license while the program is used on the same machine.

Kindly specify if the issue with 'Unspecified error' is still actual after re-installing the program. If yes, please provide us with the listed below information.

(31 Oct '16, 16:20) Oksana Serdyuk ♦♦
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