Hi, We are trying to evaluate a service that will be able to read a barcode for a new client service.

Are you able to let us know if the engine will be able to read this barcode.

A sample of the images that we will need to recognize can be found here: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/8823151/photo%204.JPG

Kind Regards,

asked 16 Jan '13, 00:25

Chris%20Blair's gravatar image

Chris Blair

To what URL exactly do you send the image for recognizing the barcode?

(16 Jan '13, 13:14) Dmitry Me ♦♦

Dear Chris, could you please clarify the product you are speaking about?

In ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK this barcode could be recognized using the following URL:


The detailed description of the barcode recognition via ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK can be found in the article "How to create barcode reader with ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK".


answered 22 Jan '13, 14:55

Anastasia%20Galimova's gravatar image

Anastasia Ga... ♦♦

hello Support, I am evaluating Cloud OCR SDK for a project as well and cannot get the barcodeRecognition method to work. Text extract works fine. Sample image: http://sugarcloud.com/work/ocr/images/UPC.jpg

works: http://sugarcloud.com/work/ocr/?file=UPC.jpg&profile=textExtraction does not work: http://sugarcloud.com/work/ocr/?file=UPC.jpg&profile=barcodeRecognition

I'm using the PHP code sample provided on this site, and just passing in 2 GET parameters from the URL. I've also tried additional params: http://cloud.ocrsdk.com/processImage?profile='.$_GET['profile'].'&readBarcodes=true&exportFormat=txt&imageSource=photo

Pls advise. thank you.


answered 22 May '14, 22:24

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edited 22 May '14, 22:41

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