Im developing Java application on 64bit Windows system via the engine, i have several questions :

1 - As default, engine checks the "$USER\AppData\Local\Temp\win\x64" directory for "FREngine.Jni.dll" How can i set dll directory before load engine?

2 - When i trying unload the engine, "FREngine.exe" still works. If i reload the engine there are more "FREngine.exe". How can i properly unload the engine?

engine = engineLoader.GetEngineObject(ConfigOcr.GetDeveloperSN(), null, null);

3 - And finally i think i have some problem with spacial characters,

firstly i tried to export ocred pages as text, exported texts are good. Now i need to use the texts in application :

String pageText = this.document.getPages().getElement(i).getPlainText().getText();

i cant see new line characters in "pageText" String, so each line seems contiguous, are there any method read texts like exported?

asked 23 Jan '13, 13:08

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edited 23 Jan '13, 13:47

Please split your question to three separate questions http://forum.ocrsdk.com/faq/

(04 Feb '13, 19:11) Andrey Isaev ♦♦
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