Is there any way to find out about response time and availability of the cloud services? We use a global application and are normally processing 2000-4000 requests per day. Today we have seen a response time of around 30% less then other days. We do a single field request of about 11 digits and having delays like this affect our operational efficiency.

I was told to ask support questions on the forum. It would be nice to have some notification service or website to find out if there are issues or slower processing.

Thank you, Greg

asked 07 Mar '13, 09:29

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I am looking to logs, and last few tasks from application that is registered to same e-mail is showing range of 1-8 seconds per task, with average of 3-5. Is it same as you experiencing? Can you please share your statistics? Though we don't anyhow guarantee any response time, it may be indication of some problem that worth investigate.

(07 Mar '13, 09:45) Andrey Isaev ♦♦

I will see if we can get our statistics from my operations team. If I recall our normal rate is between 2-3 seconds but don't know if we have the exact data on that.


answered 07 Mar '13, 23:17

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Hi Greg,

Here 2 URLs to articles on the ABBYY Developer Portal about OCR speed and the Cloud Scalability: * *

Best Regards Michael


answered 11 Mar '13, 11:45

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