New-ish user purchased new PC Windows 8 installed. Loving the ABBYY software AND the new PC, but app called "Auto Hot key" (.ahk) does NOT seem to work for me in Win 8. Have tried and re-tried.

When I use the "F8" key which is supposed to initiate the hot key string (in this case Page_), instead I get a vertical bar saying something like "use F6" to edit Text mode." Doesn't help.

Is there any solution to this issue short of my UNinstalling Windows 8 and 'dumbing down' to Win. 7 for this to work? Thanks much. Otherwise satisfied and impressed by functionality! JSJ

asked 27 Mar '13, 21:00

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closed 27 Mar '13, 23:10

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The question has been closed for the following reason "Dear Joybo, Thank you for the kind words. This forum is for the SDK products only, could you please send your question to e-mail address from here: ?" by Anastasia Galimova 27 Mar '13, 23:10

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Asked: 27 Mar '13, 21:00

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