According to the documentation recognition of sample images is free. However, from today on I observed that sometimes (not always) the sample image I use (German/MobText 2010-09-01-005.jpg) is billed. Following is an example for reference.

<task id="60fd7c07-ea36-4f35-9f77-9ac03e5267ee" registrationTime="2013-04-13T12:19:25Z" statusChangeTime="2013-04-13T12:19:34Z" status="Deleted" filesCount="1" credits="5" description="1365855536572 | txt,textAndImages.pdf,xml"/>

What's going wrong here?

asked 13 Apr '13, 18:04

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Thank you for noticing this! The problem was that some rarely used picture samples could be billed if no one had tried them before.

In your case you were not billed when there was another your task with the same image on the server. But after your deleted all your tasks, the next one was billed again. It is exactly the same situation that you get when you process your own image multiple times - all subsequent recognitions are free when there is at least one not deleted instance of image on the server.

The problem with our sample images appeared after we internally changed image hashing algorithm. Now it is fixed and recognition of all sample images within daily quota should be free.


answered 17 Apr '13, 11:28

Vasily%20Panferov's gravatar image

Vasily Panferov ♦♦

Seems to be fixed: it's working for me again. Thanks!

(17 Apr '13, 18:08) Nico
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