How do I save a PDF but with just text and pictures without text blur?

  • Last Post 05 June 2013
Astral Projectee posted this 05 June 2013

OK so all I want to do it to save my document as a PDF but I want to keep the pictures pictures and the text text; while also keeping the text without the blur and grey dark areas that are still in the text from a bad copy. BTW the text is searchable and it's not just a picture but it still has blur and dark areas from a poor copy. BTW I also deleted most of the grey, black, and dark areas around the picture.

Edit: In other words it seems like abbyy is saving the text as a text and image. But I just want text with no image and text combined.

Edit: In other words I just want to export to a PDF what is shown in the right box that says text, that is it.

Thanks much.

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Astral Projectee posted this 05 June 2013

OK I finally figured it out. I went to tools -> options -> save tab -> PDF tab -> save mode -> text and pictures only. I should have found that a while ago. Anyway I got it and hopefully someone else can benefit from this.


Anastasia Galimova posted this 05 June 2013

The following parameter of the processImage method allows to save the recognized text as text and the pictures as pictures: exportFormat=pdfTextAndImages