Performance metrics for Cloud OCR

  • Last Post 21 June 2013
dcameron posted this 20 June 2013

I need to OCR about 20 8-page(or less) pdf documents per hour, 10 9-page to 49-page pdf documents per hour, plus about five 50 page to 100-page pdf documents per hour. The documents should also be converted to PDF/A. These documents are legal documents that have been scanned to a pdf. What is the typical wait time for documents of these sizes?

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Anastasia Galimova posted this 20 June 2013

Hello dcameron,

The wait time depends on many parameters, unfortunately we have not such calculations and recommend to test it on your side.

If you are worried about the test cost, note that

  1. you can recognize our sample images for free,

  2. when you recognize your image several times, you pay once for the first recognition only. If you process the same document (with the same recognition parameters or with another one), you does not pay for the recognition.

dcameron posted this 20 June 2013

That doesn't help me though, as I need to test multipage PDF recognition.

Anastasia Galimova posted this 21 June 2013

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