Skewed image coordinates

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Dan E posted this 23 June 2013

The coordinates when using the cloud OCR appear to be after the correctSkew and any other pre-processing has happened. There appears to be no way convert these coordinates back to the coordinates of the source image... is that correct?

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Anastasia Galimova posted this 24 June 2013

Hello Dan!

You are right, in Cloud OCR SDK the method that converts coordinates on a deskewed image to coordinates on an initial image is not implemented (it exists in FineReader Engine only).

If you image is rather straight, it is possible to disable automatic geometric correction: set - correctSkew=false, - imageSource=scanner.

kofoapp posted this 16 September 2014

has this behaviour changed? i need the opposite (actually get the corrected coordinates) and can't find a way or combination of settings to get an output with originalCoordinates="0"

Oksana Serdyuk posted this 20 September 2014

The developers have answered that the Cloud service always returns the original image coordinates in the XML export format, so the originalCoords attribute is always equal “1”. How to get a deskewed image coordinates, please see answer your question: