Trouble with the XML encoding

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rblasco posted this 08 May 2012


maybe my question is very obvious, forgive me in that case. When I get the results from the cloud OCR SDK in XML format I can see that the file uses UTF-8 encoding, but when I try to open it with XML Notepad or load directly to a System.DataSet I get errors telling that some characters are not corresponding with the especified encoding. Can you give me a tip to solove it?


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Vasily Panferov posted this 10 May 2012

It's difficult to say right now. Output xml is written in utf-8 encoding. Could you please send your xml file to so we have a look?

rblasco posted this 10 May 2012

my fault, before open the XML I save it to the local hard drive and there was mistake in that code, sorry!

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