Internal program error:.\Src\TabFinder.cpp, 365

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coooldamsel posted this 03 July 2013


I am using using Abbyy FineReader11 Corporate Edition. I processed a tiff image with 258 pages using ABBYY Hot Folder. When i used an area template for document analysis, i got the following error "Internal program error:.\Src\TabFinder.cpp, 365." and the file was not processed. But when i don't use the template, the file was processed successfully.

Can anyone please provide solution for processing the tiff file using the template in Hot Folder?

Thanks in advance.

Anastasia Galimova posted this 03 July 2013


Thank you for your question! This forum is for SDK products (the products for software development) support only, so we have forwarded your question to FineReader Support Team. You'll receive the answer to the e-mail address from your profile.

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