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emmanuel posted this 09 July 2013


In Picture_samples\English\Checkmark there are forms with black squares alt text It's for screw ? What are best pratices to design our form to have a good screw ? We need to have these black square ? If yes where and do we need to do something about that in our programmation code ?

Thanks a lot !

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SDK_support posted this 15 July 2013

Hi Emmanuel!

Thank you for your question.

That's right: the black squares on the forms (anchor elements) are made for the following purposes: 1. page orientation detection in field-level recognition 2. skew correction 3. document type identification, in case there are no other identification elements (such as barcodes) on a form.

We have sent to your e-mail the PDF file-guide about the form creation. We hope this information will be helpful for you!

Best regards, Anastasiya

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emmanuel posted this 16 July 2013

Thanks for your answer Anastasiya that's what I need. Have a good day.