revenue share models for Cloud OCR SDK?

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discuss posted this 10 July 2013

Is there a way to work with Abbyy on revenue sharing where we could get a percentage of the revenues of conversions done through our site:

    a.  on customer purchases of converted pages 
    b.  on sales of the desktop product (e.g. if we had a "buy AbbyyReader desktop" button on our site)
    c.  I haven't read the Conditions of Service for Abbyy carefully, but I assume we could buy page conversions from Abbyy in bulk and resell them to our customers at a higher rate.

We're not using your cloud OCR at present but it seems like there are a lot of possibilities... but I don't see information about this on your site.

Thank you very much.

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Andrey Isaev posted this 10 July 2013

We don't really encourage creation of clone sites that do just the same ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK or ABBYY FineReader Online that purely resell our service without added value. Actually, we clearly prohibit this in the license.

As to promotion of our services and/or products using your site - please send your proposal to

discuss posted this 11 July 2013

Thank you very much Andrey. I emailed the address you suggested yesterday and haven't heard back yet but hope to hear soon!