Using reference marks

  • Last Post 30 July 2013
Bellamine posted this 30 July 2013

I am trying to recognize checkmark squares on my images. I get those images from scanning some form document with scanner. Unfortunately when calculating coordinates to send as parameters to the "CheckFields" method, coordinates are not really the same, there is a difference of about 4 to 8 pixels of checkmarks between pages. I thought maybe I can use "refrence marks" from where to begin calculating coordinates of my checkmarks. Please, can this be done to get more accurate recognition? And how can I use it?

Anastasia Galimova posted this 30 July 2013

Unfortunately, reference marks, from which begins calculating coordinates of the checkmark, are not implemented in our technologies now.

Probably it should be helpful to increase the checkmark region, that you specify, by 4-8 pixels.