Empty PDF page returns from service

  • Last Post 18 May 2012
Alex posted this 16 May 2012

I try to recognize image via ABBYY OCR with pdfSearchable output format, but empty page returns from service. Other formats (txt, rtf), returns successfully. Does the service work correctly now ?

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Vasily Panferov posted this 17 May 2012

Yes, the service is working correctly and is returning non-empty results while recognizing with pdfSearchable output format. Checked that right now.

Our logs show that your requests were processed successfully.

It looks like that something is wrong with the downloading of binary data from server. Could you please send us the pdf file you get after processing?

Alex posted this 17 May 2012

I think you are right, because today everything is working fine. Link for file with error: http://depositfiles.com/files/atgd3uxhl

We plan to use your service, but we need to know how many files ABBYY can process at minute/hour ?

Andrey Isaev posted this 18 May 2012

Alex, please ask separate questions in separate threads

Vasily Panferov posted this 18 May 2012

The file is in fact corrupted. Adobe Acrobat says that is corrupted, while Foxit Reader is able to show first line of a page.

So most likely something was wrong during download of result.