Text Extraction quality

  • Last Post 30 August 2013
arun_kaliamurthy posted this 27 August 2013

Dear team,

We have extracted an RTF output from a JPEG file with Tables.

Initially we used Abbby Fine Reader OCR - SDK version 10.0, with no parameters supplied to it and got good output results.

After this, we have supplied the same input along with Image - preprocessing parameters like Auto skew correction, auto rotation, Low resolution mode etc., we got an output with poor quality.

Can anyone please explain why the Quality of the Output is diminshing when we use additional parameters which is set to be used for getting good quality results?


Anastasia Galimova posted this 30 August 2013

Dear Arun,

It means that the additional parameters you have set are not suitable for your image. To let us investigate the issue, please share your image or send it to SDK_Support@abbyy.com.