Recognizing colors on a table and using them to seperate cells

  • Last Post 18 September 2013
fshthe2 posted this 17 September 2013

I need the data I have in a table so I can send to Excel. The data I am trying to convert is highlighted in alternating colors. The first row is white the second row is blue so on and so on. I can tell that Abbyy recognizes this because it puts a vertical line exactly where the colors meet. The problem I'm having is that it is putting extra vertical lines into these rows that are already separated by the alternating colors. I just want it to be separated by the colors with no extra lines. One color equals one row. Thank you very much in advance. Normally I would just go in and delete the unwanted lines but the document is over 300 pages long and would take quite a while to do this manually.

SDK_support posted this 18 September 2013

Could you please

1) specify the product you are speaking about,

2) send an example of the images to

Unfortunately, now we cannot recommend any settings to fix the issue. But if you send us the images you recognize, the recognition should be improved in the future.