Exception while trying to load native library

  • Last Post 11 October 2013
Wiliam King posted this 05 October 2013

I'm trying to integrate the Mobile OCR Engine with an existing Android project. As mentioned in the help file, I've copied the libMobileOCREngine.so to the the ProjectRoot/libs/armeabi folder but when I call Engine.loadNativeLibraries(); I get 'findLibrary returned null'.

What am I doing run? Please help.

SDK_support posted this 11 October 2013

Most probably the reason of the issue is in the fact that path to the library was not specified correctly. Please refer to instructions in the Mobile OCR Help file → Programmer’s Guide → How to…? → Work with the Wrapper for Android article.

If you run the app in an Android simulator, try to select the right architecture. For example if initially the target was set to Intel architecture, while the library is compiled for arm, so changing the simulator to arm could solve it.

In case our recommendation will not resolve the issue, please send your project to CloudOcrSdk@abbyy.com.