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Ben posted this 08 October 2013

Is there a call that can be made to detect how many cards/scans are remaining for an application.

You send an error message back when the limit hits 0, but i'd be nice to detect that in advance.

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Anastasia Galimova posted this 10 October 2013

Yes, there is a method, that allows to receive information about balance and expiration date. This method is in beta testing, we will send you the detailed information about it via e-mail.

UPD: the method description is here: getApplicationInfo Method.

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Optimizer HQ posted this 05 November 2013

Hi Anastasia, I'm also looking for an API that returns remaining credits that I have from my account. It will be really helpful for our app. If you have something like this, can you please share it with me?


Merryn posted this 08 April 2014

Can we please get this info as well - I need pages not business cards but I would assume if you have a beta for one you will do a beta for all?