IOS recognize only 3 data from different documents.

  • Last Post 13 November 2013
ymg posted this 13 November 2013

hello i am new at OCRsdk i am trying to create an ocr app that works only on IOS. My problem is; i have 20 different a4 printed materials, and i want to pick 3 data/currencies from these documents. But these 3 data are located different rows at different 20 documents. is there any option to select and log these data by using OCR sdk.

Anastasia Galimova posted this 13 November 2013

Probably it is possible to recognize all the text from the documents using the processImage method and then extract the information you need on your side (using, for example, some regular expressions).

To get additional recommendations please share or send to some additional information:

  • the images you recognize,
  • the information you want to extract.