How to recognize handwritten mathematical formula for children

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qhping posted this 27 November 2013

Whether children with mental arithmetic test can be OCR

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Anastasia Galimova posted this 03 December 2013

The result of the handprinted text recognition is the following:

alt text

I have used the following settings:

The result of the printed text recognition contents much more errors:

alt text

I have used the following settings:−X=()

You can test it using our C# sample code. Change the URL in the ProcessTextField method in RestServiceCliend.cs file.

Recognition errors occur due to extremely slow image resolution (72 dpi instead of recommended 300 dpi). If you increase the image resolution, probably it will be possible to recognize whole formulas (both printed and handprinted paths) using this URL:,handprinted&letterset==0123456789+−X=()

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