Problem in reading California vehicle licence plates using Mobile SDK (Android/iOS) SDK

  • Last Post 29 November 2013
JustScanIt posted this 28 November 2013

I am trying to implement ABBYY's mobile OCR SDK's into my iOS and Android apps to read the Vehicle licence plates. I've done the integration correctly and it works almost fine (6-7 images out of 10 are read correctly) for most of the images particularly for images with normal fonts.

But When i try to read the California vehicle's licence plates, it fails severaly - failure rate is 9 out of 10. Is the font used in California Vehicles not supported by ABBYY SDK?

Googling tells California vehicles most probably use Mistral and Brush Script fonts. Any help regarding this is appreciated in advance.

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SDK_support posted this 29 November 2013

Unfortunalety, MSDK does not support such fonts at the moment. You can try for example to change image resolution through the MSDK API, it can help a little to improve the quality.