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Philipp Eger posted this 05 December 2013

We're building an application where the user should be able to validate recognized barcodes and change them manually if the recognized value was not correct. We are using Abbyy Finereader SDK 10.

I tried to write the new value in the barcode text, but unfortunately the property is read only. Is there another way to change the barcode text?

I tried it this way:

BarcodeBlock currentBarcodeBlock = GetBarcodeBlockByPageID(id);
string newBarcodeValue = "Test12345";
currentBarcodeBlock.Text = newBarcodeValue;

Thanks for your help.

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Anastasia Galimova posted this 08 December 2013

As you can see in Help > Index > BarcodeBlock Object > Text property description, to change the value of this property it is necessary to edit the recognized text in the BarcodeText property.

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Philipp Eger posted this 10 December 2013

This works, thanks for your help.

micagordon posted this 02 March 2015

Refer to this: alt text

c# barcode generation

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