set page image to 300 dpi.

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vbknight posted this 06 December 2013

FR Engine 11 SDK

I'm trying to write a file with settings to 300 dpi? what parameter should i use?

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Anastasia Galimova posted this 06 December 2013

If you scan the documents which you recognize, you can set the resolution using settings of your scanner. Otherwise, please share or send to an image sample and the description of how you get it.

vbknight posted this 06 December 2013

I'm not actually scanning the documents, but loading the image and and using the statement below:

> page.ImageDocument.ColorImage.WriteToFile(batchfolder
> + "\\" + PageName + pg + ".jpg", FREngine.ImageFileFormatEnum.IFF_TiffColorPackbits,
> ImageModification);

I want to add a param? to set the DPI to 300.

vbknight posted this 06 December 2013

I was able to achieved this using code below:


SDK_support posted this 06 December 2013

You can change the image resolution during image loading via IImageDocument::ChangeResolution method. Please find more details in Help → API Reference → Image-Related Objects → Image Document.

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