Problem FineReader 11 SDK

  • Last Post 17 December 2013
pellegro posted this 13 December 2013

hello, I am using finereder 11 through the java wrapper. I can not use RecognizeBlocks of DocumentAnalyzer, in particular I do not understand how to use IntsCollection. I always make the same mistake com.abbyy.FREngine.EngineException: Invalid pointer was passed as argument. Can you help me. thanks

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SDK_support posted this 13 December 2013

IntsCollection can be created and used in Java as follows:

IIntsCollection blockIndices=engine.CreateIntsCollection(); blockIndices.Add(0); blockIndices.Add(1);

Then you need to pass blockIndices object to the RecognizeBlocks method call as one of the input parameter. Please note that all collections in FRE 11 are starts from 0. In case you still obtain the same error message please send your *.java file to

Zaytsev posted this 17 December 2013

Please note that DocumentInfo object must not be NULL when you pass it to the RecognizeBlocks method. Initialize DocumentInfo object as follows:

IDocumentInfo docInfo = engine.CreateDocumentInfo();