OCR SDK account is not found

  • Last Post 24 December 2013
transwayapp posted this 21 December 2013

I want to buy more pages for my Cloud OCR account but it says account not found. If I log into abbyy.com it recognizes my log in and I can even see my order history. Please fix asap this is greatly impacting my business. Log in is kenneth@transway.com

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Andrey Isaev posted this 21 December 2013

I can't find an account registered for kenneth@ in cloud OCR, but there is another account registered to another person @ transway.com with initials M.C. I can't show full email in public forum without consent, but hope this gives you enough idea who I am talking about. Hope this helps.

transwayapp posted this 24 December 2013

Got it thank you, but I am still having another issue. My account shows it I have 3K but non of mu I pads are recognizing bar codes. I'm always having an issue with the barcodes and your cloud service.

Andrey Isaev posted this 24 December 2013

That is strange, I see different amount of pages on application registered to your domain. Could you please provide exact application name you are using?