[FREngine 11] how to disable hot keys

  • Last Post 24 January 2014
vbknight posted this 23 January 2014

how can i disable hot keys in imageviewer? I've have tried using

//hot key [ctrl+shift+C] this.imageViewer.Commands.DisableCommand(FineReaderVisualComponents.MenuItemEnum.MI_AdjustPage);

but with no luck. :(


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vbknight posted this 24 January 2014

basically my question is how to disable the image editor dialog box when doing the hotkey

Julia Anikushina posted this 24 January 2014

The detailed information how to customize the Context Menu is available in the Developer's Help → Guided Tour → Advanced Techniques → Using GUI Elements → Customizing the Context Menu and Toolbar of a Visual Component.

If this information is not helpful for you please send the sample project with which the issue can be reproduced to ABBYY support. The contact details can be found here: http://knowledgebase.ocrsdk.com/article/1397.