[FREngine 11] Ctrl+Alt+D on imageviewer toggle table block?

  • Last Post 28 February 2014
vbknight posted this 24 January 2014

I'm trying to disable ViewDictionaries command with hotkey Ctrl+Alt+D. the command disabled ok but doing the hotkey toggle my cursor for table block which i also disabled during runtime.

is this a bug? on imageviewer visual component?

please advice thanks.

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Julia Anikushina posted this 24 January 2014

In order we could have a better look for this issue please send the sample project with which the issue can be reproduced to ABBYY support? The contact details can be found here: http://knowledgebase.ocrsdk.com/article/1397.

vbknight posted this 24 February 2014

doing this: this.imageViewer.Commands.DisableCommand(FineReaderVisualComponents.MenuItemEnum.MI_ViewDictionaries); //Ctrl+Alt+D I was able to disabled the dictionary window

but can't get the same result with this: this.imageViewer.Commands.DisableCommand(FineReaderVisualComponents.MenuItemEnum.MI_AdjustPage); //Ctrl+shift+C

how can i stop the window from opening?

you can put the above command on your visualcomponents sample form load event.

SDK_support posted this 28 February 2014

There was a bug with this command disabling. It is already fixed and the fix will be available together with the next release of FRE 11.