Unknow COM error: 800700C1

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fasar posted this 24 January 2014

I use ABBYY FREngine with the ABBYY java wrapper. It use Windows COM to communicate with the FREngine.dll.

I've got an error : "Unknow COM error: 800700C1". It may be not linked, but this error appear since I did a windows 7 update. Stack trace is :

Caused by: com.ob.abbyy.AbbyyBuildException: Can't exec : Engine.CreateEngineOutprocLoader(); at com.ob.abbyy.AbbyyEngine.loadEngineOutProc(AbbyyEngine.java:43) ~[obusecase-1.0-SNAPSHOT-203.jar:5.6.0-SNAPSHOT-203] at com.ob.abbyy.AbbyyEngineFactory.configure(AbbyyEngineFactory.java:93) ~[obusecase-1.0-SNAPSHOT-203.jar:5.6.0-SNAPSHOT-203] at com.ob.abbyy.AbbyyEngineFactory.build(AbbyyEngineFactory.java:67) ~[obusecase-1.0-SNAPSHOT-203.jar:5.6.0-SNAPSHOT-203] at com.ob.models.action.ActionAbbyy.run(ActionAbbyy.java:83) ~[obusecase-1.0-SNAPSHOT-203.jar:5.6.0-SNAPSHOT-203] ...

I would like more information on this error and how to go ahead. Thanks a lot.

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SDK_support posted this 24 January 2014

Can you please send AInfo report and simple project to ABBYY support? The contact details can be found from here: http://knowledgebase.ocrsdk.com/article/1397

fasar posted this 29 January 2014

Problem come from an empty file at the root of the c:\ drive. This file is named "Program".

Presence of this file crash something between java jar or abbyy dll.