Image Processing using MSDK

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Avinav posted this 05 February 2014

Due to background Image in my " sample Driving Licence " and it gives me garbage Value ..

For Ex : when i scan my " Sample Driving Licence " Field like , EXP 08/31/2015 display as 1/2015 only instead of printing the whole date : and Address like 2570 ,24th Street display as 2S?fl , 24th Street : and some field like SEX M HAIR BLK display as SEX N Hair 3LK and also most of some garbage value comes in a string .

I've tried to create the logic to identify my keywords like ID ,EXP ,FN etc and then try to fetch the data right of it but not successfully implemented , I also want to capture the Image present in the card .

i am using MAC OS for IPhone app

what should we do in this case ?

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  • Julia Anikushina
Julia Anikushina posted this 06 February 2014

In order to improve the recognition quality in ABBYY Mobile SDK Engine 4.0 try using tips from our Knowledge Base:

If the quality of input images is poor please see the Mobile OCR helpfile → Programmer’s Guide → How to..? → Take Photos article.