Took picture of receipt in FineScanner, but got poor results with Cloud OCR

  • Last Post 11 February 2014
markm posted this 07 February 2014


I took a picture of a receipt using your FineScanner App.

The text in the image (jpg) is really clear - very easy to read.

When I sent it to ABBYY Cloud OCR, it resulted in very poor OCR?

How can I fix this?

The task id is 'ecaf1d5e-81a4-4ab8-a605-808ef9afa065'


Anastasia Galimova posted this 11 February 2014

I understand that the text from your receipt was reordered. It happens because the text was grouped in blocks by columns. Now the only way to get the necessary order is to export words and its coordinates to XML (set “exportformat=xml”) and reorder the words using its coordinates on your side.

Also we are going to implement a solution for receipts recognition to Cloud OCR SDK, beta-testing should be started in March. This solution is already implemented to ABBYY FineReader Engine 11.