Unable to convert image of medicine strip

  • Last Post 15 March 2014
dharam posted this 05 March 2014


For me sample java application is working perfectly fine for the normal cases( in which text can be easily identified), but when I take a snap of medicine strip, and try to convert in text, I am getting nothing.

Response in console says that, conversion is success

Process documents using ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK. Warning! The document will be processed with English language. To change this, specify --lang=<languages> option. Uploading file.. Waiting.. Waiting.. Downloading.. Ready

So there is no error from server. But in output file, response is blank. I am using jpg format file.

I have following queries:-

  • Response from server is very slow, taking more than 1 minute. Is it because I am trying free trial service? Should I expect more faster response in paid service?
  • Is it possible to combine two images? e.g. "in medicine strip, same information are printed many times". Can we combine all these images( 2 or more), and overlap the content, so that we can get the more accurate text while processing?.

Anastasia Galimova posted this 15 March 2014

Most probably you get an empty result because text was not found on the image. It occurs when the text quality is too low. We have the following recommendations for image quality: http://ocrsdk.com/documentation/best-practices/image-recommendations/

The responce time depends on the

  • time in the queue,
  • processing time.

The time in queue could be long if there are a lot of requests from other users during a short period of time (if there are a lot of requests within a certain time, the system is scaled up automatically).

The processing time could be long if you recognize a document with a difficult structure, recognize CJK characters etc.

The responce time doesn't depend on the type of your account (trial or paid).

Unfortunately, we cannot combine the recognition results for several images with the same information automatically.

To get the recommendations about recognition settings, you can share your image or send it to CloudOCRSDK@abbyy.com.