Info on expired account

  • Last Post 11 March 2014
anasocr posted this 06 March 2014

Hi, I created a trial account (application name Alttextapp) sometimes in Miid-November of 2013 and ran some tests using your Cloud OCR SDK. The account expired in feb 10th and now I'm re-evaluating your solution and wondering if you keep a record of my previous activity. (Basically I remember at that time the results were satisfying, and based on that I recommended my boss to give your OCR engine a shot. Now we are reevaluating and I'm not getting same good results, so was wondering if you keep and can dig out the images and APIs I used to get the good results, so I can make a case in favor of your tool.) Thanks,

Anastasia Galimova posted this 11 March 2014

Unfortunately, the images and settings are not saved: it could be available for a month only. But we can help you with specifying the most suitable settings for the images you want to recognize now (you can share it or send to