How Extract Structerd/Tabular form data by OCR Parsing

  • Last Post 14 March 2014
Akshay posted this 13 March 2014

Is any API or Templates available for extract image's structured fields data that is in form of tables(row/columns). i want to parse a form that have a tight field structure and also check-boxes still i not find out any useful open api for it.

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SDK_support posted this 14 March 2014

You can use processTextField method for such purposes, for example, if your are using Cloud OCR SDK.
Also there is FlexiCapture Engine for such purposes: this is a data capture SDK to combine technologies and tools for processing forms, semi-structured and unstructured documents, data verification, document classification, and export for backend processing and archiving in a single developer environment. For more details please contact the sales manager in your region.