abbyy ocr using my cpp project

  • Last Post 24 March 2014
hsrt posted this 22 March 2014


I want to use Abbyy OCR in my cpp project. I searched some tutorial and I am confused. At first step, should I install Abbyy OCR SDK for windows?

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SDK_support posted this 24 March 2014

Can you please specify the product you are using? In case you use ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK, this instructions should be useful:

hsrt posted this 24 March 2014

I plan that I write a desktop application.So I think that a cloud sdk is not usefull. My app will convert image to txt.

SDK_support posted this 25 March 2014

If we understand correctly from this question, you are using abbyyocr9 tool? This is a tool for Linux platform. In case you need an off-line OCR SDK product for installing at Windows please try FineReader Engine for Windows for your scenario.