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sreejithnarayanan posted this 30 March 2014

When I am creating a Document Definition using SDK, how to I set some CheckMark fields as the children of another CheckMarkGroupField. The Children and Parent properties are both read-only and therefore does not allow setting their values

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Julia Anikushina posted this 31 March 2014

You can find an instruction how to work with read-only object properties in the Developer's Help → Guided Tour → Advanced Techniques → Programming Aspects → Working with Properties.

sreejithnarayanan posted this 31 March 2014

This IFieldDefinition::Children property that I need to modify to add a new CheckMark as a child of CheckMarkGroup is does not have any function (e.g. AddNew) which allows me to add a child.
Also, the tutorial shows this by using raw pointers in the C++ code. How do I do this in C#

Julia Anikushina posted this 01 April 2014

Please send the description of your issue to