FineReader Enginer Crashing

  • Last Post 21 April 2014
saadali37 posted this 19 April 2014

We are trying to use FineRaeder SDK on Ubuntu. We are using it an environment where OpenCv is also being used. Currently it keeps crashing with the following call stack trace. The crash seems to be very arbitrary and I am unable to pin point the problem. Any pointers to fix this would be helpful:

Call Stack:

I0418 23:34:45.510787 2527] Recognizing Aborted at 1397878485 (unix time) try "date -d @1397878485" if you are using GNU date PC: @ 0x7fcaee2512f0 Fonts::CFTFace::getClosestSizeIndex() SIGFPE (@0x7fcaee2512f0) received by PID 2527 (TID 0x7fcb1139a780) from PID 18446744073409991408; stack trace: @ 0x7fcb0df8b4a0 (unknown) @ 0x7fcaee2512f0 Fonts::CFTFace::getClosestSizeIndex() @ 0x7fcaee2513bc Fonts::CFTFace::selectFontSize() @ 0x7fcaee251542 Fonts::CFTFace::SetFontSize() @ 0x7fcaee252974 Fonts::CFTFace::tryToLoad() @ 0x7fcaee2529fc Fonts::CFTFace::TryToLoad() @ 0x7fcaee24beea Fonts::CFtListFontFactory::AddFonts() @ 0x7fcaee24c99b Fonts::CFtRegistryFontFactory::CFtRegistryFontFactory() @ 0x7fcaee24cae8 Fonts::CFtRegistryFontFactory::GetInstance() @ 0x7fcaee23d685 Fonts::CFontServicesImpl::createFactory() @ 0x7fcaee23dbd4 Fonts::CFontServicesImpl::GetFontFactory() @ 0x7fcaee23dfb6 Fonts::CFontServicesImpl::SerializeFactory() @ 0x7fcaee2699f8 Fonts::CCachedFontFactory::Serialize() @ 0x7fcaee267f65 Fonts::CCachedFontServices::Serialize() @ 0x7fcaee266a27 Fonts::CCachedFontServices::tryLoadCache() @ 0x7fcaee26b61e Fonts::CCachedFontServices::SetCacheFolder() @ 0x7fcb0fd07eba CGlobalObjects::GetFontServices() @ 0x7fcb0fcabf01 CFontFactoryData::createSystemFontFactory() @ 0x7fcb0fcac1ee CFontFactoryData::CreateFontFactories() @ 0x7fcb0fcacad6 CSynthesisParamsForDocument::updateFontFactories() @ 0x7fcb0fcad5fe CSynthesisParamsForDocument::CSynthesisParamsForDocument() @ 0x7fcb0fd63c0b CDocumentProcessingParams::CDocumentProcessingParams() @ 0x7fcb100744de CDefaultParametersTuner::CreateDocumentProcessingParams() @ 0x7fcb0fc79a79 GetInternalDocumentProcessingParams() @ 0x7fcb0ff95af3 CFRDocumentExternalAdapter::Process() @ 0x437a28 AbbeyWrapper::Detect() @ 0x435fe5 main @ 0x7fcb0df7676d (unknown) @ 0x435a39 (unknown) Floating point exception (core dumped)

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SDK_support posted this 21 April 2014

Have you tried to launch standard Hello sample? Does it work well?

Please, use our e-mail and provide us with a simple project with your code where you use FineReader Engine API to reproduce the issue.

saadali37 posted this 21 April 2014

Yes the Hello sample works. However whenever we try to use the FineReader SDK within a project that uses OpenCv it starts crashing. I'll send a simple program at the email to recreate the problem in a bit.