[FineReader Engine 11] Read text in a bubble texture

  • Last Post 12 May 2014
Universe posted this 25 April 2014

I am trying to identify all locations of this specific symbol/bubble text in circle in whole image and read text written inside it.

I got success to read text in cropped symbol by using profile 'FieldLevelRecognition' and method 'CreateFRDocumentFromImage' by reading all paragraphs one by one.

Now i am looking forward for your help to find all matching locations of this symbol texture in complete image page so that i can run above logic to read text in all bubbles.

I am using FineReader Engine 11 SDK on windows 64 bit in Java. Any guideline for this implementation or better way, in any programming language, will help me.

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SDK_support posted this 12 May 2014

In order to have a better look on your issue please, use our e-mail SDK_Support@abbyy.com and provide us with a sample of picture and a simple project with your code where you use FineReader Engine API to reproduce the issue. Also please specify you scenario more detailed.