Export in PDF A4

  • Last Post 21 May 2014
Massimo Di Paolo posted this 13 May 2014

How to save the contents dell'AxTextEditor PDF of type A4. Use the following code

saveFileDialog.Filter = "PDF/A files (.pdf)|.pdf|All Files (.)|." Dim result As DialogResult result = saveFileDialog.ShowDialog() If result = DialogResult.OK Then Dim params As FREngine.PDFExportParams params = Engine.CreatePDFExportParams params.MRCMode = FREngine.PDFMRCModeEnum.MRC_Auto params.TextExportMode = FREngine.PDFExportModeEnum.PEM_ImageOnText params.Resolution = 72 params.PDFFeatures.PaperSize.PaperHeight = 11909 params.PDFFeatures.PaperSize.PaperWidth = 16834 document.Export(saveFileDialog.FileName, FREngine.FileExportFormatEnum.FEF_PDFA, Nothing) End if

but it always saves the contents of the control AxImageViewer

SDK_support posted this 21 May 2014

Can you please send the description of your issue to TechSupport_eu@abbyy.com?