Limitations of Cloud OCR Online for PDF source format

  • Last Post 04 June 2014
David posted this 21 May 2014

Dear Support

What are the limitations for Cloud OCR Online PDF input file (file size, page numbers, max resolution of images, etc.) of the Cloud OCR Online service?

Can the cloud OCR PDF files that open normally to display but are somewhat restricted in use, i.e. Printing disabled or read-only/write password protected?


Anastasia Galimova posted this 04 June 2014

Now there are the following limitations:

1) file size should be less than 30Mb,

2) to recognize PDF files that are protected with password on opening/rasterizing/text copy, it is necessary to provide the password; other password types are ignored.


  • if one of the image dimensions is more than 32512 pixels, it will be scaled to fit in a square 32512x32512.
  • We are going to create limitations on the number of pages and on the processing time in the future.