I don't get any result (Java example. "Waiting...")

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Simon posted this 30 June 2012

Hi, I've tried the Java example the last view weeks and I think it's pretty amazing! Everything worked fine and I didin't had any problems. Until today.

I used the Java example code (without any changes) but I didn't got any result. It's stucking in the "Waiting..." loop.

I don't know whats the problem. Are there any problems with the cloud server??

For ABBYY developer: Here are some information of an example task which didn't work:

[credits="0", estimatedProcessingTime="1", filesCount="1", id="8b8b3a13-aa69-4c56-a881-8b12f896625e", registrationTime="2012-06-30T16:51:41Z", status="Queued", statusChangeTime="2012-06-30T16:51:41Z"]

Using a .tiff-file with a size of 24kb.

If you need additional information (e.g. the file itself), please let me know.

Thanks for your help!!

Greetings from Germany!

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reto posted this 30 June 2012

Hi, I just try the service too and have the same problem. Looks like the service is down somewhat. Let's see how good the monitoring of this service is.

reto posted this 01 July 2012

After 90 minutes the task was processed, a new task still stays again long time in the queue. Not really what I expect from a cloud service.

Simon posted this 01 July 2012

I've waited about 100 minutes to get an result. Is this service still a beta?

reto posted this 01 July 2012

mhh, comment to a comment doesn't works. So here my comment as a new answer.

I don't think the service is in Beta. Most Betas on the web don't charge money for the service. All my documents took about 85 to 100 minutes to process. There should be a monitoring which constantly monitors the processtime of documents and if the average is exceeding a certain time there should be an notification sent the the sysadmins. I'm wondering now if they provide a SLA.

And now the service throws a licence exception. It should be not a problem to get a new license from the own company. Please install one that will expire in 10 years again :-(

Alsu posted this 02 July 2012

Dear friends,

Some of you were affected by the ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK service failure occurred yesterday.
We apologize for potential impact to your business and thank you for your patience. The problem has been already resolved, please see the details below.

Issue summary

  1. ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK service was not properly working from 0:00 to 14:50 of July, 1 (UTC). The failure occurred because of a bug that was not caught by our testing system. The service actually was not completely down, but returning an error while processing pages, that’s why the failure was not caught by service health monitoring system.
  2. Along with this bug, ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK scaling system had a glitch, that’s why some of you could see a delay in recognition tasks processing.

Corrective and Preventive measures taken by ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK team

  1. The bug in the code was fixed on July, 1 (Sunday).
  2. Currently our development team is working on improvement of our Testing and Service Health Monitoring systems to catch such kind of service failures in the future.
  3. The auto-scaling system will be tested again to find and eliminate the reason that caused the problem. Along with that we are going to implement additional tasks’ priority control functionality in the nearest future to isolate particular user’s processing performance from peak loads generated by other users.

Please be assured that system reliability is a top priority at ABBYY, and we are making continuous improvements to make our service the best on the web.

Sincerely yours, Alsu. ABBYY, Marketing manager, SDK products.

PS: This was the first serious failure since the service started its work on Feb, 2012 (Public Beta).

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Carlos Bernabeu Juan posted this 06 July 2012

Hi, just wanted to know when will the service be available at full capacity and with no extended waiting.


Alsu posted this 06 July 2012

Hi Carlos!

Currently service is running in its normal mode and is available at full capacity. Occasional processing delay issues should be fixed with the new release planned for the beginning of the next week.

Carlos Bernabeu Juan posted this 06 July 2012

Thanks Alsu for your quick response.

The thing is that I've been trying all day and the delays are not occasional for me, they just keep happening, but I can live with that if it's going to be fixed next week.

One more thing, are we going to have to make major changes to our programs or is it going to be all server-side?

Dmitry Me posted this 06 July 2012

The current REST API will be preserved, we regularly make changes to the service internals without breaking the API contract.

Dmitry Me posted this 06 July 2012

Btw it'd be great if you shared what delays you consider to be permissible for your usecase.

Simon posted this 08 July 2012

In our use case case is a really small delay essential: We develop software for German fire departments. In Germany it is possible to receive additional information for every fire run via a fax message. Our software now uses the OCR service to get these information out of the fax (e.g. destination ("where the fire is burning")). After ABBYY delivers us the converted fax, our software now can submit these information via SMS, eMail, ... A few seconds (or up to 1 minute) for each conversion are ok, but 90 minutes is much too long. I hope you now understand why fast conversion is necessary for us

Andrey Isaev posted this 09 July 2012

How many documents per day you expect to recognize?

Simon posted this 10 July 2012

Difficult to say. From 10 to 200. In depends on how many costumer we can get and how many fire runs they have.