[FREngine 11] Exception in AddImageFileFromMemory method

  • Last Post 23 June 2014
cbekar posted this 20 June 2014


I am using FRE build in java, and try to process a 80 kb long tiff image via marshalling image as byte array.

However I get the following exception:

code: frDocument.AddImageFileFromMemory(img,null,null,null,null); exception: com.abbyy.FREngine.EngineException: Not enough storage is available to complete this operation.

I have seen a sample in c#, however could you provide us with a fix and sample code for doing the same action in java using your jni wrappers?

Thanks, Can

SDK_support posted this 23 June 2014


To clarify the reason of the described issue, please, send us a letter to SDK_Support@abbyy.com with the following: 1. Simple project (for example a java-file with your code) with an instruction how to launch the project to reproduce the issue. 2. AInfo report. You could find the details of creating the report in the following article http://knowledgebase.ocrsdk.com/article/1208.