FC Engine Skip Verification Threshold Java

  • Last Post 23 July 2014
Brian posted this 17 July 2014


In the FC standalone you have this work flow that you can set to skip verification at certain percentage and I also want to do this in the FC engine.

So how do I set a threshold in the FC engine so that it will skip verification at a certain percentage?

A code snippet:

// Verification
IDocument document = processor.RecognizeNextDocument();
IDocumentsCollection collection = engine.CreateDocumentsCollection();

IVerificationSession vs = engine.CreateVerificationSession(collection);
// A code to skip verification at a certain percentage


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Brian posted this 22 July 2014

Anyone who could answer this problem?

SDK_support posted this 22 July 2014

In case your have specified it in your document definition, this setting will be used in FCEngine during verification. Though it is not possible to specify it via API in FCEngine.

Brian posted this 23 July 2014

Hi, thanks so I'll just try to set it in the document definition then.

Can you also show me how to properly use the verification in java? I'm really having a problem on how to use it and also change the value to the correct one.


SDK_support posted this 23 July 2014

You can find lots of useful information in Help → Guided Tour → Advanced Techniques → Verifying Recognized Data. In case you will have any difficulties, please send the description to support team. Please find the contacts here http://knowledgebase.ocrsdk.com/article/1397.