OCR sdk to HTML export and get paragraph wise text

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Sanjiv Shinde posted this 20 August 2014


Below is my requirement, image will be scanned and allotted to each user one by one and he will do the OCR. Our application will capture the HTML and through our coding give the paragraph nos and enter into their software as per the same. Also the images path will be in the HTML tags and images will be uploaded to their server. So when somebody finds the content they know exactly the paragraph number and can see the text in HTML format also.

Thanks Sanjiv

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SDK_support posted this 21 August 2014

Hi, all ABBYY OCR SDK products has the possibility of XML export and access to the paragraphs of the recognized text. If you need any clarification regarding API, please, specify the product name and describe your scenario step-by-step.

Satya posted this 12 September 2014

Please give the solution for iOS @ABBYY OCR SDK TEAM.

Anastasiya Medvedeva posted this 15 September 2014

Do I understand correctly that you are using Cloud OCR SDK? In order to save recognized data to XML please specify exportFormat to xml. Then, if you need to work with recognized text, please use this information about the structure of our XML file in order to parse it according to your needs.