Extract Text from Image File(png,jpg etc) into string using java

  • Last Post 22 August 2014
bk86 posted this 22 August 2014


I'm looking at using the java with the finereader engine and would like to know if it possible to extract the text from an image file and store it into a variable as a string for later use?

If it is possible do you have an example of what the code would look like?


SDK_support posted this 22 August 2014

To extract text from the image you could load the image into FRDocument using FRDocument::AddImageFile method and than process it (analyse, recognize and synthesize) using FRDocument::Process method.

After processing the image you could access the recognized text by FRDocument->FRPages[0]->Layout->Blocks[0]->TextBlock->Text->Paragraphs[0]->Text. The meaning of Paragraph::Text is a simple text that you could write down into the string variable.

If you need more clarifications, please, send us a letter to SDK_Support@abbyy.com with your request and your license number.