How to use POST method in 'Processing Multiple Documents in One Batch in FlexiCapture?

  • Last Post 08 September 2014
echobox123 posted this 01 September 2014

Hi! I am able to Process Multiple Documents in One Batch in flexicapture using the example code (RunSample) with just small modifications. I need to use POST method as I have large files. I am seeing the POST method code but how will I integrate it to RunSample code. Is there example code for this? thanks in advance

SDK_support posted this 08 September 2014

Hi! Unfortunately, we don't have a code sample with integration POST method into one of our standard samples. You could try to do it yourself and in case of any questions, please, send us the detailed description of the situation and your code with attempts to integrate the method to We'll investigate the code and assist you.